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Brain, Pain, or Training reaches Horse of the Year Show

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On the final day of the 70th Horse of the Year, there was a true milestone made in the Live Zone.

Sue was asked to speak under the banner of horsemanship. True horsemanship! Armed with science, evidence, passion, and conviction. Sue talked to the audience about understanding when the horse is in pain.

Sue has spent many years distilling her message that is underpinned by the most important attribute you could wish for, Science.
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The Animal Health Trust.

Re-enforcing the message within the best selling book Brain, Pain, or Training, Sue provided an insight into the critical research being carried out by the Animal Health Trust, authored by world renowned vet, Doctor Sue Dyson.

Sue Dyson's research shows that by using facial ethograms, it is demonstrable that horses show pain through their facial expressions. While the research continues on, it is now clear that by using these techniques, coupled with Sue Palmer's powerful book Brain, Pain, or Training, any responsible horse owner can now be guided in understanding their horse's behaviour and what drives it.

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