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As an Intelligent Horsemanship Recommended Trainer (Click Here for list) and BHSAI (Click here for a list), Sue has a specialist interest in confidence issues.  Having completely lost her own confidence in riding horses in the past (and recovered it again), she can empathise with owners who are struggling either on the ground or ridden.  This work compliments Sue’s 'Brain, Pain or Training’ work since confidence issues, particularly in the saddle, are often related to physical issues, and Sue is uniquely placed to be able to advise you in which direction to turn, and to support you on your journey with your horse.
Sue works sympathetically with those suffering from a lack of confidence, either in handling their horse from the ground or in riding their horse.  The initial visit takes up to 3hrs, and includes plenty of discussion time as well as practical work.  Sue is committed to listening to both horse and owner, and responding to them both as individuals and as a partnership.  Exercises will be recommended to help develop your confidence, and advice given on other avenues that you may wish to consider.  Follow up visits are available if required, as regaining confidence rarely happens overnight.

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Initial visit: £170 (up to 3hrs)
Follow up: £65 per hour

Area covered: Within 10 miles of ST179JQ

To book: Please contact Sue for availability, including the postcode of your yard in your message so that she can get back to you promptly (
Contact Sue)
Contact Sue

If you are outside of the Stafford area:

Find your local Intelligent Horsemanship Recommended Trainer: Click Here

Sue also works closely with and highly recommends coach and dressage rider Leonie Brown for help with developing confidence in the saddle: Click Here