Delivering care with expertise since 1992
Delivering care with expertise since 1992

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Horses can only communicate their pain or discomfort through their behaviour or performance. Sue Palmer
As owners, we can learn to recognise pain or discomfort in our horses, and to find them the right help. Sue Palmer
I want to be part of a global conversation around recognising and addressing pain in horses. Sue Palmer
I have a dream that one day many more sore horse's pleas for help will be listened to, understood, and acted upon. Sue Palmer
I have a dream that one day, we will know how to ask the right questions and search for the right answers, rather than try to extinguish a behaviour with force or violence. Sue Palmer
My choice is to work in harmony with the horse whenever possible. A calm, confident horse is likely to get better more quickly than a stressed, nervous one. Sue Palmer
There are sore horses in every walk of life, from happy hacker to Olympic eventer, and their language is the same, no matter what their 'job' is. Sue Palmer
Almost every horse owner I've ever met has wanted the best for their horse. Sue Palmer
We must share our passion, our knowledge, our ideas and our experiences, for the love of the horse. Sue Palmer

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I have a dream… No horse wakes up in the morning and thinks "Today I'm going to be naughty. Today I'm going to be deliberately difficult." What we see as 'problem behaviour' is the horse's way of asking for help.
Sue Palmer MCSP

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Award winning ACPAT and RAMP registered Chartered Physiotherapist, BHSAI / Stage 3 Coach in Complete Horsemanship, Intelligent Horsemanship Recommended Trainer. Experienced, qualified and fully insured.  Available within 10 miles of Stafford (ST179JQ) and at Daneswood Dressage (WR90HU).

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