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it is essential to have good tools and use the the right way
Due to the increasing demand for recommendations from our clients we have begun to offer courses and products from companies and individuals who embrace the same ethos towards their horses, as we at The Horse Physio do.

The courses and products have all been chosen to support the work that we do with our horses, and while equipment can never replace knowledge, good tools in good hands can exponentially improve the end result.

The tools offered here will help you with many of the common issues that we meet every day with our horses, from loading, to simply understanding our horses better. We hope you find the tools here to help you to improve your knowledge, so that your time with your horses can be more enjoyable and ultimately more satisfying.

To learn more about the products or services we recommend please click on the button below.

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OnelifeID providing emergency information for horse and rider.

We are delighted to have secured an exclusive discount code for The Horse Physio customers from OnelifeID. This is a brilliant concept, and should be used by all riders while out and about, as it provides vital contact details and medical information in the event of an emergency.
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The stylish wristband can be personalised with your details, ensuring that should you suffer a fall, you can be given the correct medical attention. While the ID tags can be attached to your horse’s saddle and bridle to provide essential contact information should you and your horse part company.
To read more about the OnelifeID and to place your order, simply
click here

Make sure to enter our unique discount code HORSEPHYSIO at the checkout to secure your 10% discount!


The Online Equine Body Class

Have you ever wanted to know how to check your horse over more accurately and effectively?
To know if he is in pain? And where? Want to know if it is time to call a vet or other professional?
This is what you have been waiting for…

The Online Equine Body Class

Dr Renee Tucker, author of “Where does my Horse Hurt?” has developed a unique course to help horse owners increase their ability to assess their own horses. She has designed this to give you the opportunity to learn how to find out if your horse is in pain, or if he is struggling due to physical issues in his body.

This will stop you having to guess what is wrong with your horse, and help you to call out your vet or professional at the correct time, and we, at The Horse Physio, have access to an exclusive discount code…

10% Discount for The Horse Physio

With a 10% discount available via our website, this great value course is the training that every horse owner should do.

What You Receive in Your Training Package

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Every joint in the horse has specific ways of moving that should be pain-free. Dr. Tucker shares how to find out if your horse is comfortable and able to move freely.

Short and to-the-point, Dr. Tucker’s Checkup videos explain anatomy, function and ‘how-to’ simply and easily.

As you learn to perform the Checkups, you’ll have the tools to find any problems. Then you’ll know whether you need to call a vet, or other professional, or not.

You’ll also get to upload your videos (optional) of you doing the Checkups for feedback. Dr. Tucker encourages your work and makes suggestions with quick feedback. It’s the closest thing to having Dr. Tucker looking over your shoulder and helping you learn!

In the private Facebook group, Dr. Tucker answers more complex questions and gives you some ‘ninja’ secrets and live horse demos.
You’ll receive:
  • All 12 class modules,
  • Personalized Coaching by Dr. Tucker,
  • Unlimited number of videos you can upload for critique,
  • All module videos and Facebook group are accessible forever,
  • Certification (if desired) due within seven months of joining.
10% Discount with The Horse Physio

This course is already excellent value at US$ 215. Now you can receive a 10% discount and pay only US$ 193.50.
To find out today’s price in pounds please visit
Just enter the promotional code BPTTENOFF when you pay to receive your discount.

Please note this link will open a new browser window in Dr Renee Tucker’s website, your payment will be taken through Dr Renee Tucker’s website, not through The Horse Physio.

To learn more and to book, click here.
Disclaimer: The Horse Physio is not responsible for the content of any courses offered here, and nor is The Horse Physio liable for any injury caused while following the content of the course.